Wiltshire Friendly launches pioneering Group Personal Income Replacement Plan for Amateur Rugby Clubs

Wiltshire Friendly Society Limited (Wiltshire Friendly) based in Trowbridge, Wiltshire has launched its first amateur rugby club income replacement plan in partnership with Trowbridge Rugby Football Club (Trowbridge RFC), based in Hilperton, Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

Breaking new ground in amateur club player welfare

Trowbridge RFC puts player welfare and support high on its agenda. It has found an insurance partner locally in Wiltshire Friendly, with both organisations seeking to achieve the same thing in terms of illness and injury support for their members.

This exciting new partnership has enabled Trowbridge RFC to offer an insurance plan created by Wiltshire Friendly based on the club’s specific needs, not only for its players but also its general members.

Enhancing player and club member support

Trowbridge RFC is aware of the injury risk in playing rugby, and in working life in general, and the effect it can have on individuals financially.

“Rugby will always be a contact sport that carries an associated injury risk. Even players in friendly games can suffer an unexpected and serious injury.” says Chris Lamb, Financial Director for Trowbridge RFC.

“At Trowbridge RFC we offer our members as much welfare and support as we are able, to show them how much we value them. We are delighted to work in partnership with Wiltshire Friendly to develop this offer which we hope will help keep our members financially protected, our players playing and the sport of rugby growing.”

What is income replacement insurance?

Income replacement insurance supports an individual financially if they are unable to work:

  • It covers a percentage of income if the individual is unable to work due to illness or injury.
  • It pays out for a set period of time or until they return to work, whichever is the sooner.
  • There is a waiting period before entitlement to benefit payment starts.
  • It insures the majority of illnesses that leave them unable to work and, if they are a player, it also covers against injury on the rugby field.

"Are you invincible"?

People fall ill. It might never happen but just in case it does an individual should consider how they would cope financially. How would they pay bills if they were unable to work due to an illness or injury? How do they ensure their family would be financially protected if they were unable to work due to sickness or ill health?

Wiltshire Friendly has a solution that could safeguard their financial security.

The Income Replacement Plan

This exciting new partnership has enabled Trowbridge RFC to offer an insurance plan not only for its players but also its general members. The club sets up the plan and the members decide the level of insurance they personally need and want to pay for.

The Trowbridge RFC Group Personal Income Replacement Plan will provide a simple and competitive income protection solution:

Insuring an individual’s ‘day job’ income, covering incapacity for work, including any rugby injuries should they be playing amateur rugby or recreationally. 

Offering a benefit amount from £325 to £1,000 per month, larger amounts on request. 

  • Benefit can be paid from as soon as 1 week after the illness or injury. 
  • Benefit continuing to be paid for a maximum period of up to 2 years for each valid claim. 
  • Cover running through to State Pension age. 

Note: These are the plan highlights only; plans are subject to terms and conditions, full details are available on request.

“We have been working with professional rugby players since 2011 and we were pleased to be able to use our expertise to develop a plan that fulfilled the income protection needs of Trowbridge RFC.” says Jon Gratland, CEO of Wiltshire Friendly.

Making this plan available to all club members not only heightens the awareness of the risk of illness and injury to their income, it also provides a potential solution for those wanting to safeguard against the risk understanding that they “are not invincible”.

Trowbridge RFC has led the way and Wiltshire Friendly can now make this plan available to other amateur rugby clubs, their players and members, as well.

Who is Wiltshire Friendly?

An insurance provider based in Trowbridge,Wiltshire. A mutual Friendly Society owned by its members and run for their benefit.

It only provides and sells income protection plans to a variety of markets including rugby, where it has been insuring professional players in the Aviva Premiership since 2011.


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About Wiltshire Friendly

Wiltshire Friendly provides affordable income replacement plans to individuals, employers and professional rugby players. Located in Trowbridge,Wiltshire, its dedicated team gives a personal and knowledgeable service to its members both locally and nationally. Wiltshire Friendly is proud to be a member of the Association of Financial Mutuals (AFM). As a mutual, the Society is owned by its members and operates only for their benefit. Established since 1887, Wiltshire Friendly currently has around 4,800 memberships and assets of over £16.3 million (December 2016).

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