Wiltshire Friendly Society Values

As a Society we believe it important to review and refresh the ‘Values’ that reflect how we act with our employees, members and customers.


Towards the end of 2021, our staff and Board of Management considered our culture and how we act when dealing with people in all our day to day operations. We were looking for a handful of words that succinctly summarised those actions.


We then needed to further define what those words meant in practice.


Our new Values were therefore created, then tested at staff meetings and finally approved by the staff and the Board of Management.


Now we are ready to share our new Values with you.

Society Values Wheel


Let’s now explain a bit more about how we demonstrate each Value:


  • An example of reliable is our aim is to be clear in our dealings with members and customers. We understand each request, confirm our understanding and then clearly set out how and when we can respond.
  • We seek to be transparent when we provide a clear explanation of our medical underwriting decisions which means that the individual, or employer, is absolutely clear how we have reached the Offer of Membership terms.
  • Being adaptable was recently demonstrated when a Member had a medical condition that meant it was hard to fully understand our correspondence, so we changed the format into one that was clear and tailored specifically to that Member’s needs.
  • The information we obtain about applicants helps us to understand their requirements and individual situation. The Offer of Membership we then make is fair because it’s based on fact and assessment – each Member knows exactly what they are covered for.
  • One of the best tests of trusted is to look at the Members who have decided to keep their funds with the Society, even when their need for income protection has ceased. We have £1.7m of Members’ funds invested (as at 31/12/21).