Varying Your Plan Terms

It is important for you as a member to regularly review your plan to ensure it is relevant to your work situation and adequate for your needs. Below are some of the examples of why you might need to vary your plan terms:

  • Salary has changed – This could lead to you being under or over-insured.
  • Your employer has introduced a sick pay scheme – Again, this could mean you are over-insured.
  • Your cover level needs to be changed – If your circumstances have changed and you need more or less cover, or you need to change your deferred period.
  • Change of Job or Role – Although it may not affect your plan, it is important that we are fully aware of your employment situation.
  • Smoker status – If your smoking preference has changed, we need to know.
  • Hazardous Pursuits or Pastimes – If you have taken up a new hazardous pursuit or pastime we need to update your membership accordingly as this may impact your ability to claim in the future if we are not made aware.

Please contact one of the team below if any of the above apply.

Photo of Linda Jones

Linda Jones

Operations Manager 01225 756782
Photo of Linda Jones

Linda Jones

Operations Manager

01225 756782

Linda has worked in Financial Services for 20 years, joining the Society in 2018.


Linda’s role has 3 main focusses:


  • To manage the Operations team
  • To oversee the new business and claims processes and administration
  • To manage Member Relations


Outside of work, home and family is where she enjoys spending her time, along with playing for her local ladies cricket team. Currently the house is going through a major refurbishment, with Linda as the Project Manager! Then there’s her children to dote on, once again with Linda as the Project Manager!