Mutual Diversity Alliance Report 2023

The Mutual Diversity Alliance is a group of mutual organisations who are committed to learning about, and to demonstrating, how they support diversity and inclusivity within their organisation.


Mutual Diversity Overview

Our Commitment

  • Wiltshire Friendly is a voluntary signatory of the Mutual Diversity Alliance (MDA), as part of Association of Financial Mutuals (AFM).
  • As part of this alliance, we are committed to reporting annually on our commitment and activity to DEI.
  • Our commitment is to maintain a culture in our organisation that allows all our employees to thrive, and which avoids barriers to our customers, partners and suppliers to effectively engage with us.
  • Our business should be accessible to everyone, and we are committed to demonstrating inclusive behaviours, and to embracing diversity in all its forms.


Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity (DEI) Journey

  • Wiltshire Friendly is mutual society owned by our members, offering specialist income protection insurance products and services.
  • We are a medium-sized organisation, with approximately 11 employees, all based in our office in Trowbridge.
  • Our first report in 2023, confirms our commitment to DEI and illustrates initiatives underway in compliance with the MDA requirements.


Our DEI Statement

“We are committed to maintaining a culture in our organisation that allows all our employees to thrive, and which avoids barriers to our customers, partners and suppliers to effectively engage with us. Our business is accessible to everyone and we are committed to demonstrating inclusive behaviours and to embracing diversity in all its forms.”


Our DEI statement is on our website, recruitment advertisements and member communications.


MDA Report 2023

Item What the MDA expects Action taken and planned
1 Appointing a senior leader to lead our work on mutual diversity The Society’s CEO has overall responsibility for the implementation of the Society’s DEI strategy which is overseen by the Board. The COO has responsibility for regular reporting on the Society’s progress.
2 Treating all customer and employees with respect, dignity and courtesy. We uphold our Values (Reliable, Transparent, Adaptable, Fair, Trusted) when interacting internally with each other and with our members and customers.We adhere to TCF principles and the Code of Conduct requirements. We provide services and products that meet our member needs. The feedback from our members is positive about the products and services they receive.
3 Making reasonable adjustments to, and maintaining, an appropriate working environment, where employees from diverse backgrounds enjoy an equality of opportunity, and to demonstrate this through equality of pay, the capacity for agile working, fair recruitment and other HR policies. We ensure our recruitment policies welcome people from diverse backgrounds, with open opportunities to apply and fair selection practices in place. Our reward (pay) strategy is focused on equity and parity, ensuring pay is market rate and above the National Living Wage. We have created a hybrid working practice post-pandemic and foster a positive working environment with appropriate behaviours from all staff. We also offer flexible working practices, such as part-time working, compressed hours, and enhanced leave policies to attract a diverse range of candidates. The Staffing, Salaries & Nominations Committee maintains oversight of the Society's employment policies.
4 Maintaining an effective culture via our Board, that promotes diversity and sets the right example. Our Board members adhere to the same policies as our employees and undergo an annual appraisal that includes a review of conduct and behaviours. The remit of our Board has oversight for ensuring that the Society has a desired culture that is inclusive of all our people and members.
5 Working with other members of the Alliance to support problem solving, to sponsor training of our people on inclusivity and diversity, as well as on conscious inclusion, and to share good practice, as necessary. Our Senior Independent Director attends the MDA Forum to support the alliance, support AFM members and share ideas.
6 Reporting each year in September on how we have met the expectations of the alliance. In 2023, our first report will be published on our website.