Group Income Protection

Your employees are your greatest asset. Our Group Income Protection enables you as an employer to continue to pay a proportion of your employees' earnings if they are unable to work due to illness or injury for a prolonged period.


Group Income Protection is designed to help employers manage long sickness absence more effectively. It is also a valuable benefit to attract and retain employees, which is becoming increasingly important.


By providing a continued income for employees who are unable to work as a result of illness or injury, employers assist in the financial support of their employees at an emotionally and financially stressful time.


 You have two options: 

  • Can help you meet your legal and financial obligations and your own sickness scheme financial liability
  • In most circumstances Group Income Replacement premiums count as a business expense for tax purposes
  • Offering a range of employee benefits, including Group Income Replacement, can attract and improve retention in employees
  • Absences can be more effectively managed


Key Features


  • Choice of Deferred Periods from as soon as 4 weeks 
  • Range of benefit claim payment periods shorter term from 26 weeks or to retirement 
  • Insure to a maximum of 75% of employee income, up to £180,000 per employee
  • Free cover limit, based on number of employees, helps simplify health underwriting

As a caring employer you might want to make the benefits of Group Income Replacement available to your employees…though, at this point in time, you might not have the funds to pay for that benefit from the business.

There is another option – the Group Personal Income Replacement Plan.

You as the employer establish a plan for your employees, on a Group insurance pricing basis, however the employee decides to take out the plan themselves and fund it directly.

The Plan is straightforward to both understand and apply for. There are a limited number of options and the process is either run from your own website/intranet or via Wiltshire Friendly’s website.


Key Features


  • Easy for the employer to set up and the employee to then manage their requirements
  • The employer establishes and promotes the scheme to employees – Group Personal terms and pricing
  • The employee is in control of their income replacement requirements – they choose their cover level, pay the premium and receive the benefit directly with no personal tax to pay (under current tax legislation)

Photo of Jon Cummings

Jon Cummings

Senior New Business Administrator 01225 756794
Photo of Jon Cummings

Jon Cummings

Senior New Business Administrator

01225 756794

Jon’s background is in the Financial Services industry working for Financial institutions.


Working with the Society since November 2016, Jon has oversight and control of all aspects of the new business processes.


Jon is a sports enthusiast, and when family life allows him to, he enjoys playing golf, football and skiing.