Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Update as at 4 January 2021

In accordance with Government guidelines, the Society team continues to work remotely, with designated staff visiting the office less frequently and by necessity. To help us during this period, please avoid using the post wherever possible. Instead, please use the email addresses below, relevant to the type of your enquiry, and attach any photographic or scanned correspondence as necessary.

We continue to focus on essential services to ensure your membership runs as smoothly as possible. Certain services may be restricted or delayed though we will do our best to make things feel as normal as possible.

Below you will find additional guidance on how we can support you at this time.


When can you claim for a Coronavirus related illness?  (Click to expand text below)

Claims Admission Process

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an illness, and the Society’s Sickness Income Plus Plans cover illness (and injury) when it stops you working and results in a loss of income. Should a member contract the virus and become ill, and need to claim, they should contact us via or 01225 756782.
Please note your plan deferred period will still apply and you will need to explain and evidence any illness as requested.
A claim would not be paid if a member is unable to work due to other reasons, for example:


  • Social distancing, self-isolation and lockdown;
  • Caring for dependents;
  • Because their work/employment contract(s) has been cancelled.


We are continuing to follow developments and are acting on information from the government and Public Health England.

How do I claim for an incapacity that is not related to Coronavirus?  (Click to expand text below)

Our normal claims admission process is in operation, just working electronically, so please contact us via or 01225 756796.

How do I get an update on an existing claim?  (Click to expand text below)

Our normal claims admission process is in operation, just working electronically, so please contact us via or 01225 756796.

I have a general enquiry, how do I contact you?  (Click to expand text below)

For all general enquiries or queries please contact us via or 01225 752120.

I am struggling financially, is there any way I can adjust my monthly contributions with the Society?  (Click to expand text below)

We understand that some of our members may be worried about the effect that the Coronavirus could have on their finances, for example due to a drop in income or because of unexpected expenses or bills to pay. We are ready and able to offer support to those directly or indirectly impacted.

The support we can offer will depend on the type of plan you have and how long you are looking for assistance. Options may include a temporary ‘contribution holiday’ or a ‘membership suspension’, the details of which will be explained in full before you decide to make any changes.

If you’re experiencing financial issues please call us on 01225 752120, or email, so we can discuss the relevant options and how we can support you.

Will COVID-19 be insured under a new plan?  (Click to expand text below)

No, the Society has currently taken the decision to exclude incapacity directly related to COVID-19 (or suspected COVID-19), for all applications received after 24 March 2020. It will continue to review this decision going forward.

Will COVID-19 be insured under existing plans?  (Click to expand text below)

Yes, as long as that application was received by the Society before 24 March 2020.