Wiltshire Friendly offers financial advisers Group Income Protection 

Wiltshire Friendly has been around since 1887 and is a ‘specialist’ income protection provider…it’s the only insurance we do!

We seek to offer products not readily available in the marketplace, to give you access to wider market opportunity.

Take Group Income Protection, you might not have thought short term deferred periods are currently available… but they are as you will see below:

  • Encouraging a firm to spend on income protection for their employees is not always easy.
  • Thinking from the firm’s perspective though, they undoubtedly have a sick pay liability (probably self-funded) and would also see the benefit in providing an employee benefit to staff to enhance recruitment and retention.
  • So, a Group income protection plan that started to pay benefit from as soon as 4 weeks (maybe even paid back to week 1 once that 4 week period had been passed) could help offset their sick pay risk and associated cost.
  • Link that to a benefit term from as short as 6 months and the costs are then kept reasonable.
  • Of course, there are the longer deferred period terms and benefit terms options too, though having those options is what’s important in helping you convince the firm there are benefits and it can be affordable too - https://www.wiltshirefriendly.com/Employers

Wiltshire Friendly is a mutual, owned by its members and run for their benefit.

We are proud that we are there when our members need us, as we paid 95.04% of all claims in 2022 (96.32% of all claims paid 2020-2022 inclusive). We believe that’s the true test of our value.

In terms of our team size, we are a small firm and that means we are there for financial advisers too. You get to speak to a designated member of staff looking after new business, plan admin, claims or product technical queries.

To find out more about our income protection plans, or chat through how they work, you can contact us here.